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Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic knots have special symbolism in jewelry with rich historical and cultural Welsh, Irish, and Scottish origins. Today we will talk about these complex Celtic knots and their history, meaning, types, and uses in jewelry. 

History of Celtic Knots

In ancient history, Celtic knots were written about after around 450 AD. Celtic knot work has been a huge part of Indo-European art along with animals, humans, and plants. The unmistakeable designs are also seen in manuscript paintings and historically significant works such as the Book of Kells.

Similar knots are also a popular part of Arabic calligraphy. The Celtic knot artwork was later seen in the medieval era, Ethiopian culture, Russian culture, and Islamic art.

Today these beautiful knots are used as decorative styles on mugs, cutlery, jewelry, art, and paintings. Learn more about Celtic history here.

Meaning and Symbolism

Celtic Knots are created to have no start or finish. It is a loop that has a special meaning of eternity. The Celtic knot represents life and its connection to eternity and also can symbolize the connection of life. These unique and attractive knots signify love, faith, harmony, and loyalty in a relationship. 

Here are the different types of Celtic knots with their respective meanings:

Celtic Spiral Knot or Triskele

This is one of the oldest Celtic knot designs which represents the three elements of life: Water, Fire, and Earth. This single line that connects the 3 elements depicts the unity of life and one’s spirit. 

Celtic Love Knot

If you look closely this beautiful knot is a connection of a heart and knot. This Celtic knot signifies love and loyalty between lovers.

Celtic Trinity or Triquetra Knot

As described in the Christian religion, this Celtic trinity knot can mean the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, the Triquetra knot has been found in art prior to the birth of Christianity.

Celtic Sailor Knot

This Celtic Knot symbolizes friendship, harmony, and love, not only between lovers but friends and family members.

Celtic Shield Knot

This special Celtic knot design has a strong meaning of protection and guard. It was used in ancient times for the soldiers for their protection and it was put near the ill people so they recover faster. It was also considered to guard one from the evil energies.

Celtic Knots Jewelry Trends

Celtic knots are extremely attractive and unique designs that are very popular in jewelry items. The eternal meaning of Celtic knots makes it a great choice for wedding and engagement jewelry. The Celtic love knot pendants can be a great gift for your loved one. The Sailor knot bracelets would be an amazing gift for your best friend. Give them as a token of appreciation and cherish the harmony and love of these symbols.

The stunning and rich cultured Celtic knots are not only a treat to the eyes but also have great meaning behind them so spread the rich cultural and historical meaning behind these beautiful pieces.

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