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Cocktail Rings that Make a Statement

Some say that only people who are real jewelry enthusiasts would know how valuable cocktail rings are. The beauty and value they carry are worth appreciation as no piece of jewelry is more exquisite and sophisticated than cocktail rings.

What are cocktail rings?

These rings are elegant, oversized rings known to have a big diamond or gem, often emerald or sapphire, set in platinum, silver, or gold. Smaller diamonds also tend to surround the center stone. It is rare to find such a ring now, with a natural stone anyway, as large natural gems are no longer as easily available. Due to this, other alternatives and sophisticated designs have made way into the cocktail jewelry industry, including lab-created gemstones.

Thanks to the development in the industry, we now have endless designs available and for every price range. Now, cocktail rings have become a work of art as they’re available in different set stones, textures, and even have objects such as animals or flowers portrayed on them beautifully.

These rings can be worn on any finger you want; however, they are usually not considered engagement or wedding rings. If you’re a true jewelry collector, these pieces are a must to complete your collection.

Historical information about cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are, without any doubt, beautiful, but there is more to them. These rings are historical pieces. Suppose you did not know the huge finger sparklers that Daisy, from “The Great Gatsby,” used to wear were cocktail rings. In ancient times, these were even worn by noblemen in Europe. After the American prohibition era started, women started wearing them while paving the way for a rebellion. They wore it at private parties, which is why they started trending after the American prohibition era.

Where did the name cocktail rings come from?

When these rings started becoming ‘a thing,’ it was the era of the United States prohibition in the 1920’s. During this time, alcohol was completely banned in America, so people used to arrange or go to illegal secretive parties. A major social change was also taking place as women started gaining much more freedom, which led to fashion trends such as shorter skirts, short hair, and flapper styles.

Statement pieces of jewelry started becoming a way of showcasing one’s style as women now had more freedom to have style and show it. Moreover, with so many cocktail parties going on, these rings were worn more often and flaunted more often as a conversation starter or a way to show off one’s style and/or prestige.

The price

Prices for cocktail rings vary a lot. It all depends on the style and quality of the ring. Nowadays, the use of lower-priced gems is very common so that people can flaunt these rings without having to spend a lot. However, very inexpensive pieces may be harsh to the skin if you have nickel allergies and typically do not last very long. As the saying goes, you typically get what you pay for!

If you are a jewelry collector, you can use this knowledge to invest in this valuable, sophisticated, and stunning piece of jewelry and flaunt it as much as you can, now that you know all about cocktail rings. 

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