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Egyptian Ankh Necklace

Egypt is a land full of mysteries; it is also the oldest civilization. Archeologists have found so many interesting things about Egyptian culture and religion via their remains. From the mighty pyramids to the eye of Horus symbol, each has its meaning and representation in Egyptian culture.

Today we shall look into another very interesting element in Egyptian culture that is the “Ankh”. The Egyptian Ankh symbol has been used since ancient times and has a strong connection to cultural and religious beliefs. The Ankh symbol has been seen in Egyptian writings, their arts, and sculptures and it was also found buried with mummies. 

Today this symbol has a special meaning to Egyptians and because of its unique design, it is a great jewelry item too.

History of the Ankh

According to scholars, the Egyptian Ankh symbol was first seen around the 30th century BCE. However, they all have their theories behind its meaning and what the symbol stood for. Ancient Egyptians believed in the re-birth and reincarnation of a person.

For them, the Ankh was a representation of life and the afterlife. The symbol Ankh was placed in their tombs as they believed that the Gods would bestow them a new life. The Pharaohs held the Ankh in high esteem.

The Egyptian Ankh symbol was so dear and cherished to them that they used to make the mirrors, flower bouquets, vessels, and other things exactly like the Ankh shape. The symbol was also used to decorate the walls of architecture such as shrines.

They also used it as an amulet which they would wear daily and also place it with their deceased family members for their well-being in their afterlife.


There are so many versions of Ankh symbolism; some scholars say that the Ankh symbolizes life itself. Some refer to the Ankh as a symbol of purity and innocence of a lady. Another theory of the symbolism behind Ankh is that it is a mirror that shows the reflection of one’s soul. It is a mirror that reflects a person’s character, soul, purity, and thoughts.

The Ankh is may be best known as the “Key of Life”. The oval shape represents the female organ and the male organ is represented by the line. Scholars say that this shape describes the union of a male and female thus “Life”.

Spiritual Meaning

As ancient Egyptians believed the Ankh symbol was a good luck charm which they would wear daily as amulets. Some think that the shape signifies hidden knowledge about the secrets of the world, life and the afterlife.

Egyptian Ankh in Present Day Jewelry 

Due to its unique and appealing design, the Ankh is a very popular design for jewelry items. Egyptian Ankh pendants are very popular among Christians too as the symbol and the meaning is very close to the Cross symbol that denotes the crucifixion of the Christ.

People who wish to show their love for religion, or history, or culture wear the ankh with pride.

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