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The Evil Eye Necklace – A Quick History Behind this Stunning Symbol

Stunning Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Pendant Necklace,

An evil eye pendant necklace is considered to be one of the most popular symbols today. Many people from around the world have widely important beliefs regarding the symbolism behind the evil eye amulet.

What is an Evil Eye Pendant?

Found among the Mediterranean and West Asian cultures, the eye-shaped amulet holds symbolic value across communities in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Malta, Romania, and many other countries.

In Muslim countries, the evil eye pendant is locally referred to as ‘Nazars’, signifying an object held to protect oneself, one’s family, or community from the ‘evil eye’ and therefore protection from bad luck or misfortune.

You will also find this symbol on a palm-shaped amulet, called “the Hamsa” pronounced as Khamsa (five) in Arabic. This is widely popular amongst the Muslim and Jewish communities as the symbol of protection.

This is also believed to be called “The hand of Mary”, “The hand of Miriam”, and “The hand of Fatima” the daughter of the well-known prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

History of this pendant and its spiritual and cultural significance

The origin or the discovery of this evil eye pendant was made back in ancient Greek or Roman times. The Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people mainly believe in this symbol. This symbol is commonly found in Asian homes as a protection from evil and also on trees, such as the “Tree of Nazars” in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Although it has spiritual and cultural significance, the fashion industry has picked up this symbol as a fashion item too. You will find lots of varieties of this evil eye in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even earrings. 

Why are they worn as jewelry even to this day?

Now arises the question of wearing the evil eye pendant as jewelry even to this day. Due to its widely believed power for protection, people think that by wearing it throughout the day would keep you protected from the evil eye. It is also worn to bring good luck in your life, and nowadays just as a fashion jewelry piece. 


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