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The Stunning Hamsa Hand of Fatima Necklace

Diamond Hamsa Hand Pendant,

In Arabic, Hamsa means ‘five.’ The Hamsa hand is a palm-shaped symbol. It shows an open right hand that is known to be a sign of protection. Some believe that it acts as a protector from bad energies. It is very commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings to blow away all the bad luck and attract good luck. 

Hamsa holds a special value in different religions. It is known as Hand of Fatima in Islam, Hand of Mary in Christianity, and Hand of Miriam in Judaism. Its origin starts in Iraq, where people used to were Hamsa as an amulet to protect them from evil and brings good luck and fortune.

In Islamic culture, Hamsa has a very holy and religious meaning. It is represented as the hand of “Fatima tul Zahra”, the daughter of the last holy prophet Muhammad. “Fatima tul Zahra” means the bright, sparkling one; it also means the one who is pure and sinless.

Hamsa in Islam signifies as the symbol of protection, strength, and power. Some Shia Muslim scholars also called the five fingers of Hamsa as the pillars of their holy religion, which are; Belief, Prayer, Fasting, Charity, and Pilgrimage. Also, it is called “Khamsa” in Arabic.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the Hamsa has a different meaning. They refer to it as five senses also known as “chakras”, and the mudras which control the energy flow in the body. 

In Judaism, it is believed that Hamsa is God’s hand and is also believed as the hand of Miriam. According to their holy books Miriam, the sister of Aron and Moses, had an exemplary life. She was an honorable lady who has qualities such as piousness and honesty. That’s why she is remembered as the symbol of good luck and protection. As we all know that Moses freed his tribe from Egypt and Aron, later on, became a High Priest of Judaism.

To this day it is used widely in jewelry or in-wall hangings all over the world. Popularly it is used in gold and silver jewelry. It can be carved or formed in silver as silver is known to represent purity and some believe holds magical properties.

Sometimes the Hamsa is painted on walls of a house either with red. It is also painted or hung on doorways of rooms of expectant mothers. The hand can be seen as fingers spread apart as that keeps the evil away or as fingers close together that brings good luck. Hamsa can be worn either with fingers pointing up or down depending on what the beliefs of the owner are.

Whether they believe it will bring happiness, peace, and prosperity while it is upwards or downwards. You may also have seen the eye (Nazar boncuğu) symbol used together with Hamsa, as it is believed to protect against bad luck and evil energies.

It doesn’t matter from which religion or culture you belong, wearing and keeping the Hamsa will help to bring good luck and positive energies around you.


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