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Quick Facts About Morganite Gemstone Jewelry

Satisfy your curiosity about the morganite gemstone!

Morganite and Rose Gold Ring,

Morganite is becoming the town’s talk ever since jewelers started to use it as a substitute for diamonds in engagement rings.

You must wonder what is so special about this gemstone that makes it unique and one of the most demanded gems around. If you want to know more about morganite, keep on reading!

Origins of Morganite

Miners first discovered the Morganite gem in Madagascar back in 1910. It is also known as the ‘pink beryl’ in the market. It was later introduced to the market by Tiffany & co., the very famous designer jewelry brand.

It has been used by royalty in jewelry and sculptures, even though it can be cheaper than most gems out there.

Its appearance never fails in stealing everyone’s hearts and taking over their jewelry collection. Morganite is often found in larger crystal forms, mostly from Brazil, weighing over 10 kilograms.

Interesting Facts about Morganite

  • The Morganite gemstone looks unique and exciting, but the various features about it can also be exciting. Here are some of the hooking facts about Morganite that will make you want one more!
  • Morganite is named after JPMorgan, a well-known American investment banker, and financer.
  • Morganite is also known as the new cheaper diamond in the jewelry market due to its availability and low prices compared to the diamond.
  • Morganite is a beryl mineral.
  • Morganite can be found in peach and violet colors, but the most commonly occurring color for this gem is orangish-peach.
  • Not only that, but Morganite is often heated and exposed to extreme light to get rid of the yellow components in the gem; this results in a pinker and more transparent stone.
  • Morganite is becoming the second-best option for people who want to get a stunning engagement ring at affordable prices along with high-quality.
  • Morganite is often used in making unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures that hold a lot of value.

Use of Morganite in Jewelery

Morganite has been gaining a lot of fame as the better option for engagement rings due to its elegant, pinkish appearance. It looks exactly like a diamond when shaped and polished correctly, but the pinkish tint inside it gives it a distinctive and feminine look. If you visit an online jewelry store/brand or a physical jewelry shop, you will find various jewelry items with the precious Morganite fit perfectly into them.

The pinkish hue or the morganite gemstone looks stunning when set with rose gold. You’ll often find this combination in engagement rings.

We hope that this brief guide helped you understand the Morganite gem basics and understand if it is the ideal gemstone for you. Wait no more, and get your precious Morganite to upgrade your collection now!

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