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My Roots as a Rockhound

I found a photograph the other day that flooded me with memories and emotions. It reminded me how how all of this started; my love for geology, gemology, and why I started this website. Unfortunately the quality of the photo is rather poor and I’m unable to share it here.

I started looking for gold with my Dad in the Arizona desert since I was a toddler. Ever since, I’ve been mesmerized by minerals, crystals, fossils, and gems.

Over the years we spent hours hiking throughout the Southwest, looking for geodes, gold, petrified wood, quartz, and more. I cherish those times, especially since my father has passed.

Every time I pick up a mineral, I smile and think of him. He had a spirit for adventure and loved the outdoors. And just like me, lived for the thrill of the find!

Arizona Gold Mine
Mine located in the Arizona desert

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