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6 Styles of Amethyst Heart Ring in White Gold

I’ve found 6 beautiful types of amethyst heart ring in white gold available at one of my favorite online jewelers, Angara.

Below are photos of those 6 along with some very brief descriptions. You’ll find more info, and customization options like gemstone quality, size, and metal type, when you visit each rings’ page. All the below pieces are shown in just one of the metal options which is 14K white gold.

Did I say stunning yet?

Amethyst Heart Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Amethyst Heart Bypass Ring with Diamonds

Amethyst Heart, Ribbons, and Diamonds Ring

2 Hearts Amethyst Ring with Pave Diamonds

Bezel Amethyst Ring with Diamond Accents

Bezel Amethyst Solitaire Ring

There are many more styles available, but if you are looking for heart-shaped purple stone rings to symbolize a February birthday and/or just showcase your love, these are perfect!

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