Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry, Necklaces, Symbols and Shapes

6 Stone Garnet Cross Necklace in Silver

This 6 stone garnet cross necklace is a wonderful gift to showcase one’s faith and symbolize the January birthstone.

Each deep red colored gem is an oval shape and makes a beautiful statement. The metal backing the pendant and the chain is .925 sterling.

The gemstones are natural and heat treated (a common jewelry practice.) A gift box is included.

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry, Rings, Symbols and Shapes, Wedding Bands and Engagement

6 Heart Shaped Garnet Rings in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold

Heart-shaped garnet rings makes a wonderful gift for anyone born in January or really anyone that loves the beautifully rich red color of this gemstone. The below 6 garnet heart style rings are all available in 14K gold (rose, yellow, or white) or platinum.

These natural garnet rings can be purchased from Angara and you can view the Certificate of Authenticity within the product details section. You can also adjust the gemstone quality to accommodate different budgets.

The photos below showcase these rings in 14K white gold, but remember they are all also available in yellow gold and rose gold. Then all but 1 style is also available in platinum.

Heart Shaped Garnet Ring with Diamond Halo Accents in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (and Platinum)

Heart-Shaped Garnet Halo Ring with Diamond Accents, White Gold,

Heart Shaped Solitaire Garnet Ring with Diamond Accents in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (and Platinum)

Solitaire Garnet Heart Ring with Diamond Accents, White Gold,

Heart Shaped Garnet Solitaire Bypass Ring with Two Diamonds in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (and Platinum)

Heart-Shaped Garnet Bypass Ring with Diamonds, White Gold,

Clover Ring with 4 Heart-Shaped Garnets with Diamond Accents in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (not available in Platinum)

Heart-Shaped Garnet Clover Ring, White Gold,

Heart Shaped Bezel Set Garnet Ring with Diamond Accents in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (and in Platinum)

Bezel Heart Garnet Promise Ring with Diamond Accents, White Gold,

Heart Shaped Bezel Set Solitaire Garnet Ring in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold (and in Platinum)

Bezel-Set Solitaire Heart Garnet Promise Ring, White Gold,

Which ring is your favorite? Which metal do you think compliments the garnet gemstone the best? Comment below!

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Bracelets, Gemstone Jewelry

Bolo Garnet and Blue Topaz Bracelet in White, Rose, or Yellow Gold – January Birthstone Gift Idea

If you are searching for a rich and beautiful red and blue bracelet, I’ve found something really stunning. Angara has a garnet and London blue topaz bolo-style bracelet.

Its available in either 14k yellow, rose, or white gold. You can also customize the quality of the stones and the size. You can also view the Certificate of Authenticity online.

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry, Wedding Bands and Engagement

Garnet and Diamond Eternity Band Rings – Half, Full, and 4 Metal Types

Eternity bands are a beautiful way to symbolize everlasting love. Below you’ll find a list of garnet and diamond eternity rings in a variety of metal types.

Garnet and Diamond Half Eternity Rings

Full eternity bands have gemstones around the entirety of the ring, whereas, half eternity bands, well, have gemstones around just the top half of the ring. Some people choose half eternity bands just because they prefer the look, while others chose that style as they are typically less expensive than their whole counterparts.

Five Garnet and Eight Diamond Half Eternity Band,

Angara is a favorite of many for quality gemstone jewelry. This particular half eternity band has options you can choose such as metal type (14k rose, 14k yellow, or 14k white gold or platinum) and gemstone quality. You can view the Certificate of Authenticity online.

Four Garnet and Three Diamond Half Eternity Band,

Here’s another Angara half eternity band. This piece has 4 garnets (you can choose carat size and gemstone quality) and 3 diamonds. You can also choose metal type between 14k rose, 14k yellow, or 14k white gold or platinum. Also has a CoA.

Garnet and Diamond Full Eternity Rings

Diamondere has many gorgeous full eternity bands with alternating garnet and diamond gemstones, and with a variety of metal types to choose from. I was actually very impressed with all the metal types available: platinum, sterling silver, plus 10k, 14k, and 18k in yellow, rose, white, and black gold. Every purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Again, there are many options so be sure to check out the full list here, but here are some favorites…

Verity Garnet and Diamond Full Eternity Band,

Marleigh Princess Cut Garnet and Round Diamond Eternity Ring,
Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry, Wedding Bands and Engagement

Garnet Engagement Rings Rose Gold

The color combination of rose gold and natural garnet gemstones is simply stunning. If you are looking for an engagement ring with beauty, class, and uniqueness, then a garnet rose gold ring is a wonderful choice!

Angara is one of my favorite brands for engagement rings and wedding bands so I want to highlight some of my favorite garnet engagement rings in 14k rose gold from

Garnet and Diamond Engagement Rings

Angara has many more garnet engagement rings in rose, yellow, and white gold – but these are just some of my favorites!

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry

Garnet and Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Garnet and Black Diamond Engagement Ring

I wanted to bring to your attention a beautiful piece that’s perfect as an engagement ring or just a gorgeous gift! This natural garnet stone ring by TriJewels is available on Amazon. The garnet is princess cut and includes 8 black diamonds (conflict free) along the side of the band.

The ring is available in either 14k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Below the ring is pictured in white gold.

The combination of the rich red garnet and the jet black diamonds is truly stunning. I also think this is perfect for anyone that loves gothic or vintage-inspired designs.

View more garnet rings here!

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry

7 Rose Gold Garnet Ring Styles for the Perfect Gift

Rose gold and garnets are a color combo that really compliments each other. Below are some images and links to beautiful rose gold garnet ring options available to order online. I think you’ll see what I mean – gorgeous colors!

Below you’ll find several types of rose gold garnet rings. I’ve included links to solitaire stones, garnets with diamonds, garnet engagement rings, rhodolite garnets, and some other unique rings – and all set in rose gold!

Let’s start with garnet solitaires…

14k Rose Gold Cushion Cut Checkered Garnet Ring

This may be one of my favorite rings as its so unique with the checkered gemstone shape. This design is simple yet makes a big statement. This Peora piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is set with a natural garnet stone and 14 karat rose gold.

Garnet Solitaire 14k Rose Gold Ring

Simple yet stunning is how I would describe this Angara ring. This 5.35 carat cushion cut natural garnet stone is set with 14k rose gold. Angara pieces come with Certificates of Authenticity but it may be emailed to you and not mailed with the ring.

Moving on to garnets and diamonds including engagement rings…

Oval Garnet with Diamonds Rose Gold Ring

This oval natural stone by Dazzlingrock Collection is flanked by natural diamonds set in 14k rose gold. A Certificate of Authenticity is available for this brand’s jewelry.

Cushion Garnet and Diamond Engagement and Wedding Band Set in 14K Rose Gold

This is another beautiful ring from the Dazzlingrock Collection. This natural cushion cut stone is set with diamonds and includes a diamond wedding band. A CoA is available.

Pear Shaped Garnet and Diamond Engagement Ring and Band in 14k Rose Gold

Here’s yet another ring from the Dazzlingrock Collection with a CoA. The natural garnet is in a pear or tear drop shape and set with conflict-free diamonds and 14k rose gold.

Emerald Cut Garnet Engagement Ring Set with Simulated Diamonds

This engagement ring and wedding band set is set with an emerald cut natural garnet and surrounded by simulated diamonds in 14k rose gold. It is unknown if this ring comes with a CoA.

Let’s move on to rhodolite garnets…

Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Bordeaux Collection Ring

OK I know I’ve said this a lot, but this one may be my favorite ring. Rhodolite garnets are just such a stunning shade and to set this natural stone with natural diamonds, 14k rose gold, and in this unique style by Effy – perfection!

Click here if you are interested in learning more about the garnet gemstone, its history, or viewing other types of garnet jewelry.

Birthstone 01 - January Garnet, Gemstone Jewelry

The Garnet – Quick Facts about January’s Birthstone

Thanks to Gemporia for this wonderful video about garnets!

Garnet: The January Birthstone

What is a Garnet?

Garnet is the birthstone that is associated with January. It is found in quite a few varieties of colors, the most commonly associated color of garnet is red. Garnet, according to mythologies, symbolizes friendship and trust. Moreover, it is also widely believed to be a source of protection for its owners. Furthermore, protecting its owner from nightmares is also a believed attribute of the gem.

Garnet, the Mineral

By Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The January birthstone has many colors and the primary reason for this is the different composition of metals and minerals. Metals such as iron, manganese, aluminum, and calcium make for the rich, maroon color of the garnet gemstone.

Some variants of garnet are also found to have mineral fibers that produce a unique and distinguishing illusion of a four or a six-rayed star.

Differences in chemical compositions give birth to contradicting physical attributes or properties: calcium garnets are attributed to have relatively lower gravity while on the other hand, manganese garnets bear greater gravity and more firmness/hardness.

History of the Garnet

Archaeologists have found pieces of evidence that suggest that garnet jewelry had close links to royalty since many kings were found to have worn the jewelry made of the stone. The presence of amulets and jewelry was found in the tombs of pharaohs that suggest they were in use by the ancient Egyptians.

Also, the nobility of Rome had garnets molded into jewelry, not to mention the ancient civilization of Persia only permitted the royalty to own or wear the garnet jewels. 

Where is the Garnet Found

Deposits of garnets are spread all across the world from Australia to the United States. The variants of garnets differ and vary with their location and country. However, the largest producers of the garnet gemstone overall are Australia, the USA, China, and India.

Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are less expensive than other traditional gemstones and can be worn in everyday use, as well as for special occasions. A common type of jewelry set with garnets are rings followed by others such as earrings and necklaces.

The very rare demantoid garnet (the green variety) is a stunning sight and can rival an emerald’s beauty with its bright coloring.

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