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6 Stone Citrine Bolo Bracelet in Silver

This 6 stone citrine bolo bracelet in silver is a great gift to symbolize the November birthstone.

The yellow gemstones are square in shape. This piece is adjustable and the metal is .925 sterling.

In the description, there’s conflicting information regarding if the gems are lab-made or natural. I always think in these cases, just go with the assumption that they are lab-created, especially considering the lower price for this piece.

A gift box is included.

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Stud Earrings Size Comparison Chart in mm – with Photos

Are you looking for a stud earring size chart to help you decide how big you should go with your earring purchase? Well I hope the comparison photos below will help! Whatever type of earrings you are looking for, diamond or other gemstone, I believe this will be useful in deciding.

I’ve included the most common stud earring sizes in mm (millimeters) and set them next to a common U.S. copper penny for comparison.

Stud earrings in 6 mm are a very common size and are probably my favorite size…not too big, not too small.

Stud Earrings Comparison Chart in mm