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Stunning Pink Tourmaline Cocktail Ring

I’m happy to share to beautiful pink tourmaline cocktail ring with diamond accents from Angara. The brilliant, crisp pink is so pretty and the cushion shape sets this piece apart from others.

You can customize this with several metal types (yellow, rose or white gold or even platinum) along with stone quality and carat weight.

The image below shows the ring in 14K white gold.

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Don’t you love this color? I think I love it so much because it reminds me of cotton candy.

You can view other pink tourmaline cocktail rings from Angara here.


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Green Tsavorite Eternity Bands in Gold

There are 6 stunning tsavorite eternity band rings available at Angara that I wanted to point out since it can be challenging to find this gemstone in jewelry.

The crisp green color of this stone just pops with these bands. Below I’ll include a brief description of these pieces and you can find much more information, including customization options such as size, quality, and metal type, on the rings’ page.

The images below show 2 of these rings in 14K white gold but there are other options available such as yellow or rose gold or even platinum and silver depending on the ring.

7 Stone Half Eternity Band with Tsavorite and Diamonds

5 Tsavorite Stone Half Eternity Band

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You can view the other Tsavorite eternity band styles here. The shade of the stone is just so pretty so if you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one that adores green, then this gem is perfect.

What is tsavorite anyway?

This stone is a type of garnet so far only found in Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Antarctica. Since this crystal is not found in many places in the world, it is considered rare.


Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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6 Styles of Amethyst Heart Ring in White Gold

I’ve found 6 beautiful types of amethyst heart ring in white gold available at one of my favorite online jewelers, Angara.

Below are photos of those 6 along with some very brief descriptions. You’ll find more info, and customization options like gemstone quality, size, and metal type, when you visit each rings’ page. All the below pieces are shown in just one of the metal options which is 14K white gold.

Did I say stunning yet?

Amethyst Heart Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Amethyst Heart Bypass Ring with Diamonds

Amethyst Heart, Ribbons, and Diamonds Ring

2 Hearts Amethyst Ring with Pave Diamonds

Bezel Amethyst Ring with Diamond Accents

Bezel Amethyst Solitaire Ring

There are many more styles available, but if you are looking for heart-shaped purple stone rings to symbolize a February birthday and/or just showcase your love, these are perfect!

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Quick Facts About Pink Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Most have you must have heard a lot about the gem ‘sapphire’ when searching for jewelry items. And typically, when you think of the sapphire, you think of the brilliant blue color. So, if you want to know more about this unique, and pink, gemstone, then you are in the right place. Keep on reading to learn more!

Wiener Edelstein Zentrum, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Quick Facts about Pink Sapphire

The word “Sapphire” is derived from the Latin word “sapphirus.” It has been one of the most precious gems, along with many other valuable ones. Getting a hand on one of the sapphires is considered luck even in the modern days.

You can find the sapphire gem in multiple colors, and one of the most demanded and loved types is the pink sapphire. This precious stone is known for representing love and affection.

This gemstone is mostly contrasted with a flower called ‘lotus’ that symbolizes perception, clarity, and charms. If observing from modern history, this elegant gemstone is usually regarded as fascination and modest refinement.

Another one of the interesting facts about the pink sapphire is that it is one of the rarest colors found in sapphires. The more chromium that is present in a precious corundum stone, the more profound its pink tone. Purely transparent pink sapphire with no slight incorporation is no doubt cherished by many.

Though these exceptional cases, sapphires are incredibly long-lasting. It would be best if you always managed them tenderly and with great care. Unveiling these rare pink sapphires to immediate, extreme heat and straight sunbeam can destroy their tone and diamond layout for a long time. The bigger a sapphire is, the more expensive and luxurious it becomes. Compared to the smaller pink sapphires, huge ones can be too costly and rarely available.

The Pink Sapphire as a Mineral

Sapphires are also formed in numerous tints, like yellow, green, and blue, and every assortment gets its tone from various minor components. It is a variation of mineral corundum that consists of aluminum oxide with a slight amount of other elements, e.g., magnesium, chromium, iron, vanadium, and titanium.

Cultural Significance of the Pink Sapphire

The pink-colored sapphire is a uniqueness that was initially found only in Thailand and was later mined in 22 other countries where they are excavated with great effort. In Thailand, sapphire drawing and gem cutting expertise is a tradition passed on to several generations.

Pink Sapphire Jewelry Trends

These pink Sapphire stones are often designed on jewelry accessories, frequently worn by celebrities. We even saw royalty like Queen Elizabeth wearing a pink sapphire floral design brooch on her Christmas day speech in 2013. There is a variety of jewelry items available online and in physical stores adorned by stunning pink sapphires. The 1-carat pink sapphire can be the ideal option for cost-effective yet decent-sized gems for jewelry items.

We hope this guide helped you know to get the right information about the pink sapphire and decided if they are the perfect option for you to choose.

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Quick Facts About Morganite Gemstone Jewelry

Satisfy your curiosity about the morganite gemstone!

Morganite and Rose Gold Ring,

Morganite is becoming the town’s talk ever since jewelers started to use it as a substitute for diamonds in engagement rings.

You must wonder what is so special about this gemstone that makes it unique and one of the most demanded gems around. If you want to know more about morganite, keep on reading!

Origins of Morganite

Miners first discovered the Morganite gem in Madagascar back in 1910. It is also known as the ‘pink beryl’ in the market. It was later introduced to the market by Tiffany & co., the very famous designer jewelry brand.

It has been used by royalty in jewelry and sculptures, even though it can be cheaper than most gems out there.

Its appearance never fails in stealing everyone’s hearts and taking over their jewelry collection. Morganite is often found in larger crystal forms, mostly from Brazil, weighing over 10 kilograms.

Interesting Facts about Morganite

  • The Morganite gemstone looks unique and exciting, but the various features about it can also be exciting. Here are some of the hooking facts about Morganite that will make you want one more!
  • Morganite is named after JPMorgan, a well-known American investment banker, and financer.
  • Morganite is also known as the new cheaper diamond in the jewelry market due to its availability and low prices compared to the diamond.
  • Morganite is a beryl mineral.
  • Morganite can be found in peach and violet colors, but the most commonly occurring color for this gem is orangish-peach.
  • Not only that, but Morganite is often heated and exposed to extreme light to get rid of the yellow components in the gem; this results in a pinker and more transparent stone.
  • Morganite is becoming the second-best option for people who want to get a stunning engagement ring at affordable prices along with high-quality.
  • Morganite is often used in making unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures that hold a lot of value.

Use of Morganite in Jewelery

Morganite has been gaining a lot of fame as the better option for engagement rings due to its elegant, pinkish appearance. It looks exactly like a diamond when shaped and polished correctly, but the pinkish tint inside it gives it a distinctive and feminine look. If you visit an online jewelry store/brand or a physical jewelry shop, you will find various jewelry items with the precious Morganite fit perfectly into them.

The pinkish hue or the morganite gemstone looks stunning when set with rose gold. You’ll often find this combination in engagement rings.

We hope that this brief guide helped you understand the Morganite gem basics and understand if it is the ideal gemstone for you. Wait no more, and get your precious Morganite to upgrade your collection now!