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How to Easily Change a Pin or Brooch into a Pendant

Do you have vintage or sentimental brooches/pins that you never use? Then I’d like to share a simple and quick way to fix that.

Instead of letting your brooch sit in the jewelry box for years, turn it into a pendant, add a chain, and wear as a necklace!

Check out this video to see how a horizontal and vertical brooch converter works. You can find converters at either beadaholique or Amazon.

If you try this and find that the converter slides around a lot, you can use those tiny plastic earring back findings (aka tubes or stoppers) to stabilize it by placing one rubber piece on each side.

This opens up a world of possibilities doesn’t it? I may visit some estate sales or antique stores looking for some beautiful pins.

Or there are some amazing vintage brooches on Etsy.


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